IDF Capital has ensured a Pan-African presence through partnership with Nigerian Private Equity firm, Alitheia Capital, under the brand Alitheia IDF.

AIF invests in high performing diverse teams to achieve superior returns by leveraging the gender effect. Studies (by Harvard and Mckinsey) have shown that gender diverse teams are more inclusive, intuitive and conscious than their peers. This means that these businesses are more in tune with their markets, their employees and their stakeholders. They have the ability to bring in new ideas to solve problems, and develop the relationships to ensure success for the business, empower more people to be successful within the organization and with their customers. With this insight, the AIF team is leveraging its combined experience of over 60 years and its extensive network to access a proprietary pipeline of gender-diverse businesses that leverage key leadership characteristics to achieve superior returns in sub-Saharan Africa. Building on the strong momentum from current funds in South Africa and Nigeria, AIF’s $100M Fund will continue to invest in and support high growth small and medium enterprises (SMEs) led by gender diverse teams and poised to scale.

AIF has a strong pipeline of potential investees that offer:

  • capital appreciation through predictable growth and scaling;
  • can become attractive trade sale targets (primary exit route) or secondary buy-out candidates; and
  • have demonstrated strong cash generation, EBIT growth, corporate governance and operating standards.

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