Private Equity is finance for established firms that can benefit greatly from change in management and an injection of new capital.

Product Description:

  • Established Businesses with 3-5 Year Track Record
  • Growth and Acquisition Financing
  • Investment in High-Growth Companies
  • Equity or Equity-Linked Investments
  • Seeks Private Equity Returns
  • Investment Size: R250,000 to R20 million (with follow on investments)

Qualifying Criteria:

For your business to qualify for IDF Capital Private Equity Financing you need to:

  • Be an Established but High-Growth Potential Business
  • Have a Strong and Committed Management Team
  • Offer a Clear Exit Strategy

Required Documentation:

IDF Capital requires the following paperwork from your business before we can consider your Private Equity Financing:

  • Detailed Business Plan (including technical and feasibility)
  • Management CVs
  • Where Applicable, At-least Last Three Years Annual Financial Statements (duly signed)
  • Management Accounts (up to the latest two months)
  • Projections for the Next Twelve Months
  • Company Incorporation Documents
  • Certified FICA Documents (i.e. Proof of Residence, IDs of Directors and Shareholders)
  • Valid SARS Tax Clearance Certificate
  • Twelve Months Business Bank Statements
  • Contracts and Related Support Documents
  • Other Information as may be Required