We believe a unique combination of investment and portfolio management skills, commitment to economic transformation, investing in gender diverse teams, sustainability and socio-economic impact, and our collective knowledge gained across 100+ investments in our chosen field set us apart.

Significant SME Investment Experience

We are among the first pioneers of investing successfully in SMEs, and women owned businesses in particular. We have successfully invested in most sectors of the South African economy in all its 9 provinces. IDF Capital has consistently delivered good returns for its asset class with significant socio-economic returns measured on number of jobs created, number of women owned businesses invested in, the extent to which businesses operating in traditional underserved areas have been funded, and the extent of growth in turnover, value and profitability the businesses have achieved over time.

Unparalleled Credentials in Our Chosen Industry

IDF Capital’s on-the-ground teams, experience in our chosen areas of operation, and in-depth local knowledge, supported by our on the ground partners and third party service providers, enables us to identify compelling investment opportunities and engage in a hands-on manner with our partner companies. Our gender diverse team has successfully identified, worked with and invested in businesses that are women owned and led who make up the majority of our investment portfolio.

World-Class Professionals

We hire professionals with relevant technical skills who also have value creation capabilities. We invest in training so that our people develop these skills further and we use third party experts where they are most needed. We share experiences with our peers to enhance our understanding of the market we operate in for continuous improvement and value add.

A Robust Regional Platform

Through our Sub-Sahara Africa SME PE Fund, Alitheia IDF, we boast a robust regional platform, benefiting from the collective experience and networks built across the African continent and beyond, which we tap into to drive business expansion beyond borders across the African continent therefore ensuring growth for our underlying portfolio.

Active Risk Management

Based on our deep understanding of risks related to investing in high growth entrepreneurial businesses, we have developed a pragmatic and disciplined approach to identify, assess, price, and actively reduce risks. Our in house value added services team, works in conjunction with our trusted partners to in value creating activities once an investment has been made.

Sustainable Impact and Economic Transformation

Our invest activities are driven by an unparalleled understanding of the unique challenges we face in transforming our economies to be more reflective of the demographics of the geographies we operate in. Our investments are informed by the need to be rigorous in our investment process and only back the most deserving jockeys whilst achieving economic growth and long term sustainable through economic transformation.

Value Adding Activities

We undertake value adding activities for partner companies through sustainable operational excellence and a genuine partnership approach. Our combination of well-connected local investment teams and global best-practice capabilities offers an unrivaled platform for growth.

Our entry begins with businesses that have:

  • 51% Black Owned and Controlled Entities
  • Growth Centric Sectors and Businesses
  • Minimum Six Months Post Revenue Operational Track Record (exceptions made for businesses in the technology industry)
  • Potential for Profitability and Commercial Sustainability
  • Scalable Business Models
  • Sound Management and Good Governance in Place
  • Are Willing to Receive Post Investment Value Added Services
  • A Clear Exit Strategy

We want to exit having created:

  • Solvent and Liquid Businesses
  • Diffused Management that Reduces Key Man Risk
  • Consumer-Centric Businesses
  • Scaling Across Markets and Geographies
  • Growth in Value during Hold
  • Employment Growth
  • Entities that are Ideal Target for Acquisition or Refinancing Opportunity